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15+ Summer Outfits to Make you Look Pounds Thinner! · 1. Create a Visual Illusion of a Smaller Waist · 2. Turn all Attention to the Center of the Waist · 3. A.

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Aug 30,  · 2. Shirt Studs & Waistcoat Buttons. Shirt studs and waistcoat buttons are not anymore as popular today, but traditionally, shirt studs were worn with formal outfits such as a Black Tie outfit or White Tie and they were just more decorative than the regular buttons you have sewn-on on dress shirts today. Often, those shirt studs would match the cufflinks and you .

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Aug 11,  · In the world of decorating, drapery is it’s own specialty and doing it “right” can be very expensive. That said, we can do cheap and cheerful and make it look great. The key is that the drapes need to hit the floor exactly or end a hair above and be a pretty material. Drapes with pinch (or other) pleats on pins with rings look prettiest.