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Agility, the new business currency, is difficult to achieve while having to manage an estate of legacy applications. Legacy application migration to the. Every modernized datacenter or cloud will provide, at a minimum, the basic VM infrastructure, storage, and network services. When you transform mission-critical. Discover our boundary-less AI-led application integration service to simplify processes, drive innovation and create an ecosystem of different systems.


Transformation helps streamline the modernization process. It employs fully automated migration software to convert legacy code such as COBOL, Natural, PL/1. Our application transformation services cover all stages of the application lifecycle; from identifying new business outcomes and developing new applications. We provide end-to-end Digital Transformation Services across the application development life cycle, so that you can focus on market strategy and.

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Deploy apps to web, portal, and Eclipse RCP runtime environments, and allow access by a large variety of web browsers, including mobile. Choose the option(s). Application Transformation · Reduce their operational costs · Create a more agile solution that keeps up with the speed of business · Improve service levels. Web Application Development End-to-end IT services include software development, maintenance, and modernization using a methodical approach that keeps clients.