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Immunity to change can be defined as a "hidden commitment", with an underlying root cause, that competes and conflicts with a stated commitment to change. It. IMMUNITY TO CHANGE. The cover of this book gives the following description: “A recent study showed that when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they. Immunity to Change Process. Instructions. 1: Commitment. (Improvement Goal). 2: Doing/Not Doing. Instead. 3: Hidden Competing Commitments.

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Find Immunity to Change at www.ooogranit.ru or www.ooogranit.ru PART THREE. OVER TO YOU. Diagnosing and Overcoming Immunities in Yourself and Your Organization. Find the full article, “How to Overcome Immunity to Change,” in the May archives at www.ooogranit.ru Worksheet courtesy of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. In these pages, we'll look at competing commitments in detail and take you through a process to help your employees overcome their immunity to change. The.

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This chapter was originally published as chapter 9 of Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock Potential in Yourself and Your Organization. The Forum, entitled “Uncovering and Overturning the 'Immunity to Change': Personal Learning and Professional Development,” was led by Robert Kegan. Download article as PDF A Review of Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey's Immunity to Change, Boston: Harvard Business Press, immunity to change.