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In the north, winters are generally colder, while throughout most of the country temperatures remain fairly constant. The average year-round temperature in. Cambodia's wet season comes courtesy of the southwest monsoon, which blows from May to October, bringing with it some three-quarters of Cambodia's annual. Summary: Most regions (15) in Cambodia lie in the Tropical monsoon climate zone (Köppen: Am). The mean average of annual temperatures range from a high of.

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Cambodia has the tropical savanna climate prevailing. It is warm every month with both a wet and dry season. The average annual temperature for Cambodia is 33°. Climatic Zone: tropical monsoon climate · Climatic Features: high temperature throughout the year, district dry and wet seasons · Average Temperature: 23 - 32°C . Siem Reap Monthly Climate Averages ; Hi 32°C Lo 21°C · Hi 34°C Lo 23°C · Hi 36°C Lo 26°C ; 8 km/h, 8 km/h, 7 km/h ; 24 mm, 31 mm, 99 mm ; 60%, 55%, 58% ; 21%, 20%, 26%.

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Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate, type Am according to the Köppen climate classification. The average 24 hour temperature is 30 degrees Celsius ( The Weather in Cambodia is usually about 32 degrees celsius through the year but, this does typically vary by month. The weather insights tell us April is the. The hot season lasts for months, from March 11 to May 31, with an average daily high temperature above 94°F. The hottest month of the year in Phnom Penh is.