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Bioreactor/Fermenter ; Biotechnology · Continuous Monitoring without Labels. bbi-biotech stands for innovative and reliable bioreactors. We provide equipment and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food. Nowadays, the main research lines carried out are Biodegradation of recalcitrant organic compounds, Solid state fermentation, Enzymatic technology, Bioreactors.

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Discusses many aspects of bioreactor use and design in biotechnology. There is coverage of conventional and airlift bioreactor design, instrumentation. Bioreactor/Fermenter ; Biotechnology · Continuous Monitoring without Labels. A bioreactor is a vessel-like device that provides a uniform background for microorganisms to grow and maintains an uninterrupted balance in the biochemical.

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A special subset of lab-scale bioreactors are multiparallel systems that allow multiple culture experiments to be run at the same time. Finally, a distinction. Essentially, a bioreactor is a system that provides an ideal environment for the production of biomolecules. Most bioreactors can be thought of as vessels with. Hollow Fiber Bioreactors for Mammalian Cell Culture. Pamela Knight. Bioreactors 01 May Nature Biotechnology (Nat Biotechnol) ISSN (online).