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engine to bolt up to the VW 4 bolt pattern automatic trans-axle. Read more: Outfront Motorsports Subaru to VW Automatic Adapter Plate and Flex Plate Kit. When you are no longer using the stock oil cooler, you should use this block off to keep the engine oil flowing properly inside the engine. Plate includes. This kit attaches your Subaru engine to your VW Vanagon transmission. This kit includes a custom steel flywheel, an aluminum adapter plate.


CLASSIC VW - VW WHEELS - TIRES - WHEEL ADAPTER AND SPACER PLATES. Kennedy Acura and Honda 60 degree V-6 to liter adapter flywheels use a Adapter flywheels have a standard 12 volt Volkswagen style ring gear. Weddle Industries stocks a wide variety of adapter kits to fit many common engine/transaxle combinations using VW and LS bolt patterns.

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VW to Chevy Adapter Plate. This Pro-werks aluminum motor plate adapts Chevy Powerglide, Turbo & transmissions, or a Chevy bolt pattern clutch type. VW Ignition Coil Adapter Plate - Genuine Audi VW The Volkswagen Group, also known as “VAG”, consists of Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini. For Volkswagen GTI Golf Jetta / Audi A3 TT T TSI TFSI Turbo Blow Off Valve Adapter (Silver) - Billet Aluminum BOV VW VAG Plate Spacer